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Default re: Lewis and Harks Montana Exp of 2012

Hello again,

After reading all of the previous responses, I ordered the Montana Gazetteer in order to gain a grasp of the distances involved and to try to scale down my search criteria for the trip. I don't know of a better resource for a trip of this nature. I'm not sucking up, but;


I apologize for a poor introduction. I am from Massachusetts (blame my parents) and I have been fly fishing for about 15 years. I am self taught and due to my geographic location, my experience for trout has been limited to ponds for the most part. Although I have done some river fishing in the western part of the state, finding time and space has always been a challenge. I also fly fish the salt for striped bass, bluefish, and bonito. I am also an avid bow hunter. I prefer to do things alone. I don't dislike people, I just don't like seeing them much.


I never would have considered flying into one place and out another! Out of the box thinking that I will do for sure.


Roughing it is not an issue, but space for all the gear on the plane might be. I love the idea though. How 'bout this........I'll fly in, buy camping gear, get your advice on food and like, and then I can leave the gear for you for your next trip. I will give you a discount of course


You inspired me to get the Gazetteer. 100 miles of driving would not bother us in the least. Although Massachusetts is a rather small state, my job sometimes take me on trips beyond the state border. My first job today was 168 miles from home so please don't hesitate to make suggestions based upon distance alone. I can drive after fishing light.


You had a great point on the fallback plan. Although I intend to "lay" a plan down for the trip prior to departure, they are just guidelines for the trip. I just want an idea of what we want to do before arrive.

My buddy and I have been working and fishing together for about 10 years. He has been involved with float plane trips, canoe trips of 50 miles, as well as trips to Canada. In May of this year, we took a vacation with the usual crew of 6 guys and it didn't go so well. Towards the end of the trip, the question was asked "where are we going next year guys", I didn't respond. During a drive back from a pond later that day, I asked him a question........why don't you and I go to Montana? two second pause, let's do it he said, but only you and me!

We are both family men and realize that some people say they want to go on a fishing trip while others just want to get away from home. I am 46 years old and have always wanted to see Montana and 2012 will be the year that I do.

Thanks to you.

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