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Default Long Rods and Woody Overgrowth

This is pretty much my final question before I plunk down the bucks on my first fly outfit.

If I am fishing in a small river that runs through a Michigan jungle (quite literally - I don't know how to better describe a river that has been swallowed by trees and brush), am I going to regret going with the highly-recommended 9 foot rod? Mind you, I currently spin fish with a 10.5' noodle rod and, while it is a pain in the butt sometimes, it certainly gets the job done.

Since fly fishing is a different animal than spin fishing, I am hesitant here. Maybe my goal of covering my needs with 2 rigs will turn into three (maybe a buttery 7 foot 4wt for the jungle fishing)? I think that I've answered my own question but would like confirmation from the ever-so-helpful residents here (seriously - very helpful - thanks).

Is the length of the rod a huge concern even after one develops some precision into their casting skill?

Mind you, I certainly expect to leverage multiple rigs in the future, as needed - I'm just trying to work that dreaded bang-buck equation into my initial purchase so that I can get some broad exposure to the sport in order to better make my own decisions in the future.
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