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Default Re: Hello Girls

If your still having a difficulty with casting the 8wt, try casting it with a 7wt and see if it make casting a bit easier for you. Maybe a pal has a 7wt and would let you test it on your rod.

As for casting big or heavy flies, you have to open your loop up. The back cast is mostly a side arm cast (somewhat parallels the ground). Only the forward is overhead to keep the heavy fly well way from the back of your head.

I would only venture a sink line if I were completely comfortable with the floating. Using a full sink changes your casting a bit. Especially picking up the line out of the water while casting takes a bit of practice to master. Again if you know someone with a sink line try it out before you buy. I would also underweight (7wt) the sink line.

Many gals find it easier to cast the higher rods with under weighted lines. Most rods have a three weight range where you can go up or down one weight.

I'd take Joni recommendation about the strait mono, much easier to cast with. I don't go below 4lb and fish 8-12lb most of the season.

Joni, question: What's the sink rate on the full sink you use most of the time?
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