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Default Re: NorCal - NorNev Lakes and Rivers

1 week vacation -
Saturday - Davis from shore - Camp Five - hooked up one 16 incher in about 2 hours, then the wind kicked in and made things difficult. I was the only one that hooked up during that hour and it was on (gasp) powerbait. the wind kept me from fly fishing.

Monday - Davis from the tubes - hooked 6 landed 3 - Denny's stillwater nymph, worked slow and at around 10 feet. it got breezy, which killed any surface action, but we did ok just the same. I did see some midges and dark mayflys on the surface and there were occasional rises when the wind let off a bit.

Tuesday - Antelope lake, most effective combo was a green and rust stillwater nymph at around 10 feet with a red copper john about 2 feet below. I worked this slow with an occasional twitch. the fish seemed to hit just after the twitch, the twitch works which I believe is why I landed 9, and my buddy only landed a few (I showed him the twitch and it worked for him too). This was my first trip to antelope and it was worth the two hour drive. Even the little fish fight pretty hard here, first fish I caught was 14 and largest was 18, there was jumping, running, spinning me in the float tube, etc. Activities you would expect from larger fish, but these guys put up a fight. there were flying ants on the surface, and risers to them, but, I couldn't get any takes on the surface and the subsurface fishing was good so I only spent about 30 minutes trying. There was also a midge hatch that went off, which is what led my partner to tying on a red chrinomid and me attaching a red copper john.

Thursday - heading to a little lake (to be named later) stuck back in the woods

Friday - Frenchman's - annual cubscout campout will probably only get a few hours of fishing in and mostly from shore back near the group camps. I will follow up next week.


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