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Default Re: Kayak or Pontoon?

Originally Posted by Frank Whiton View Post
Hi KngFhearts,

It all comes down to what you want to do with your boat. A kayak is great for covering water and you sit low so the wind is not as much of a problem. The Pontoon is very stable but blows around in the wind a bit more. With a pontoon you can use flippers to help position or turn the boat with out using your hands. With a kayak you have to pick up a paddle to turn it.

I would not buy a kayak unless you give one a try. They are not as comfortable to sit in as your feet are relatively straight out in front of you. I find sitting in a kayak uncomfortable but then being 76 has a lot to do with that. If you fish rivers the pontoon is the winner for sure. On a lake the pontoon can be a pain to cover distance. A hard shell kayak will last more years that an inflatable pontoon just because of the construction.

I am not sure I have helped but these small boats have a lot to do with personal preference. What might work best for me would not be best for you. Just think about how you want to use it and pick the boat that best fits those needs.

Thanks, that does help. I mostly fish lakes, small streams, surf fishing here in socal. The lakes I fish are usually calm in the morning, but tend to get windy in the afternoons....some of which do not allow motors. I did rent a kayak once to hit the kelp paddies and got flipped by a rogue wave. I have a truck, so transport is not a problem. I can see benefits to both, but can only afford one or the other.

Again thanks
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