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Default Big bass are frustrating me

Hey guys new to the forum, but love it so far.

I was hoping you guys might have some pointers for me. I just got back from the James River here in Richmond VA. Caught about 6 or 7 bream but no bass.

So I walk and change spots, come up along this little island of weeds. After tying on a blue popper, I watch the water for a minute. I see this huge large mouth circling the island. Must have been from 5 to 6 pound bass and he would have made it on the wall.

I put this popping bug right on top of his nose maybe 4 or 5 times and nothing. So I change flys. Go to a little orange and white streamer. Gets his attention really well and he chases it but will not bite what so ever.

I say a couple prayers to the lord and change flys again. Go to another smaller white popping bug that never fails. Again throw it right on his nose and the guy wouldnt eat it.

I watched him chacing other things in the water but couldnt make it out. So I sat there casting away and never took home my trophy bass. Very frustrating for me, I thought my prayers might help but i guess not.

Ive been fly fishing for maybe 2 or 3 weeks now and am addicted. My casts are getting sooooo much better, but fishing every day and not giving it a break helps. My presentation was awesome today, one of my best casting days ever, but still he pissed me off.

So please guys any help would be great. Ive been catching small mouth all last week, but they have slowed down alot I guess, since no action this week. This is the first large mouth Ive seen on the river and what a big guy.

Sorry for such a long post, just thought the more info the better. Thanks so much guys.
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