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Default the disappearing fly - super newb

Hi All,

So i hiked out to a local lake (Harriman SP, NY) last evening. Tried fly fishing for the first time in my life (rod is 9ft, 6wt, the outfit included the reel, backing, fly line and a leader). This is actually quite fun and i managed to catch some (dont laugh please) bluegill and pumpkinseed.

i can identify plenty of problems with my casting, as expected. There is one, however, that has me baffled: during a back cast, when the line is behind / above me and i start to move the rod tip forward, i keep hearing a snap (sort of what a whip would sound like) and the more weird (and expensive) part - the fly is usually missing after a few cast attempts that have the snap.

I think i tied the fly to the leader properly (improved clinch knot) so it is something with my casting.

Let me know if you guys have suggestions / tips that could help me out.



ps, thanks for compiling the "Fly Fishing Gear FAQ" some really good info there![COLOR="Silver"]
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