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Default Re: New Yellowstone Angler 8 Weight Shootout Discussion

Thanks for the review.

I have heard consistent high praise regarding the Xi3. The blank itself is beautifully finished. I have been entertaining the idea of a 9 weight saltwater rod for bonefish, permit, and large freshwater monsters, but I didn't want something that would lack subtlety for bonefish presentations. Granted, it isn’t going to be the 8 foot, 9 inch, five weight that Sage offers, but it is nice to hear that it is versatile enough to go from bonefish to stripers and a heavy sinking line. Ultimately, I’d compare it to the Loomis NRX, St. Croix Legend Elite, and Hardy ProAxis. Any usable technical information I can glean from the 8 weight shootout is helpful. In the end, my decision has to be what I can cast and feel comfortable with. It sounds like saving for the Xi3 would be better than finding the Xi2 on discount.

I wonder how the Scott A3 would compare if included in the shootout…..that may be too many rods for Yellowstone Angler to have to purchase from Scott! At $335 you can buy two for the price of one of the Loomis, Sage, or Hardy Rods and still have money to burn. The thing I like about Scott Rods is that even their entry level rods like the A3 have nice reel seats and hardware. The Scott G2 is probably my favorite rod I do not own. It looks nice and has a great feel. Even the new Orvis Superfine Touch rods seem to have copied the look of the Scott G2. Personally, I haven’t been able to break away from Winston green in my trout rods.

I’m up in the air as far as a saltwater rod is concerned. I would not rule out looking at a Winston B3X (if they didn’t skip the 9 weight) and B2MX for saltwater purposes, but saltwater is a totally different animal. For my purposes, strength (without feeling super stiff) and versatility are my two main points of interest when purchasing a saltwater rod. It seems like the Sage, Loomis, Hardy, and St. Croix certainly bring those two qualities to the table.

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