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Default Re: clousers anyone?

I would say the rust doesn't matter that much. Although they don't look as nice (to the tier/viewer), I can't believe they still wouldn't catch fish. It may give them the impression of a wounded baitfish (who knows??). I def. wouldn't strip them down and reuse the hook. I've found that some totally mangled/disfigured/discolored flies continue to produce fish even though they don't exactly look like they did when I started the day. I would def. recommend getting them almost completely dry before tucking them away for a while. If the rust is so bad you think the integrity of the hook is compromised I would def. toss it or give it away. Otherwise just keep a little sharpening stone around to keep the points rust free and sharp. Good looking clousers, I always loved blue and white for bass. I would tie some solid color ones as well for varying clarity levels (white, chartruse (spelling?), and black). Don't feel limited to two-tone clousers either. I'll throw a little red up front like bleeding gills on most of my big streamer patterns.
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