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Default Re: Autographed DVD - Wet Fly Ways

Davy Wotton’s Wet Fly Ways
A Review by Gordon Bryson

If you would like the benefit of having your own personal guide and instructor, on call at all times, then this instructional DVD is just the ticket. Davy Wotton, a professional fly fisherman, guide, fly tyer, teacher, and inspirational guru has been applying the principles he learned fishing for the elusive fish of his homeland, the British Isles for the past 30 years.

In this video, Davy teaches you a new way to fly fish for trout that will be successful from the winter stocked ponds of East Texas to the most demanding of premier streams. He brings a historical perspective to wet fly fishing that will convince you this method is virtually a lost art that needs to be rediscovered.

Davy is assisted in the video by Gary Taylor, a professional angler and guide from Florida, who serves as the willing student learning the art of wet fly fishing the beautiful rivers of Northwestern Arkansas. You’ll learn why and how wet flies and soft hackles should be properly presented to every quadrant of a stream.

You’ll learn how to select and rig Davy’s “Cast of Flies”, a three fly presentation that allows the angler to work the entire water column. The chapters of this two-hour video will teach you how to make an educated pattern selection for your particular water and conditions. And, the complete recipe for assembling your own ‘cast of flies’, how to rig your leader and droppers, tippet weights, and the proper knots to use for each segment is clearly demonstrated.

Davy examines each way to fish a location, including upstream, short across stream, long across stream, intermediate line, and downstream fly presentations. His explanations are clear and concise, and his knowledge of his art is quite evident in this intriguing video. He offers the DVD together with an assortment of wet flies that will enable you to hit the stream with a new found confidence that you can catch more fish with this exciting “new/old” method of angling.
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