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Default Re: New Yellowstone Angler 8 Weight Shootout Discussion

Originally Posted by chicagojohn View Post
Thanks for the review.

I have heard consistent high praise regarding the Xi3. The blank itself is beautifully finished. I have been entertaining the idea of a 9 weight saltwater rod for bonefish, permit, and large freshwater monsters, but I didn't want something that would lack subtlety for bonefish presentations. Granted, it isnít going to be the 8 foot, 9 inch, five weight that Sage offers, but it is nice to hear that it is versatile enough to go from bonefish to stripers and a heavy sinking line. Ultimately, Iíd compare it to the Loomis NRX, St. Croix Legend Elite, and Hardy ProAxis. Any usable technical information I can glean from the 8 weight shootout is helpful. In the end, my decision has to be what I can cast and feel comfortable with. It sounds like saving for the Xi3 would be better than finding the Xi2 on discount.

I wonder how the Scott A3 would compare if included in the shootoutÖ..that may be too many rods for Yellowstone Angler to have to purchase from Scott! At $335 you can buy two for the price of one of the Loomis, Sage, or Hardy Rods and still have money to burn. The thing I like about Scott Rods is that even their entry level rods like the A3 have nice reel seats and hardware. The Scott G2 is probably my favorite rod I do not own. It looks nice and has a great feel. Even the new Orvis Superfine Touch rods seem to have copied the look of the Scott G2. Personally, I havenít been able to break away from Winston green in my trout rods.

Iím up in the air as far as a saltwater rod is concerned. I would not rule out looking at a Winston B3X (if they didnít skip the 9 weight) and B2MX for saltwater purposes, but saltwater is a totally different animal. For my purposes, strength (without feeling super stiff) and versatility are my two main points of interest when purchasing a saltwater rod. It seems like the Sage, Loomis, Hardy, and St. Croix certainly bring those two qualities to the table.
I'm with you on Winston Green for trout rods. They are the standard. For SW check out this video of Andy Mills fighting 150 pound class spinner sharks with a Hardy Proaxis. If you like the way the Hardy's cast ( I suspect it would be hard not too) than the durability factor must be considered. I don't believe anyone else is making a high performance SW fly rod with this level of durability.

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