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Default Re: Need different rod for streamers?

Originally Posted by ducktrooper View Post
I'm a newbie so please go easy...have FF about 5 times now, mostly nymphing and wet flies. I'd like to know if I should get another rod and keep it rigged for streamer fishing? I had a heck of a time learning how to throw a 8' sinking line with a beaded wooly bugger on my TFO 5 wt rod(med/fast)

It seems like the rod flexed too much and strained to handle all that added weight. I was able to figure it out and catch fish but it was very hard/awkward. Should I get another rod, 6 or 7 wt, and keep it rigged for streamer fishing since many of the rivers in AR where I go call for that.

Suggestions? Thanks.
Why dont you buy a 5 or 6 weight fast rod from this sites fly shop, I think they let you try it out for free for 30 days. If it works out better keep it, if not return it. I think they even pay for return delivery! What great service Steve gives!!

I personally have always found it easier to throw big heavily weighted bugs with 4 split shot and a big ol hunking indicator with a really fast rod, like a tfo ticr (think steve carries this) or a Great Bay Rods EMG ($300, made in the USA). I personally like the GBR better than a axiom or ticr (both made in Korea), but with service like Steves take him up on it and get the tfo!! You cant do better than a free trial and he pays for shipping both ways! (free trial meaning you only return it if you arent satisfied, dont do it just to try it with no intention of buying it, that is just plain wrong).
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