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Default Re: What size tippet and leader should I use to trout fish in the Smokies?

I grew up fishing trout in East Tennessee but mainly spent time on the now-flooded Little T. I caught lots of trout on that river. I did get up into the Park and the Tellico area quite a bit and formed a few opinions about gear to use in those waters.

The question was asked about rod length for the Park.

I started with the 9 foot split bamboo fly rod I got for my third birthday. It was great for bluegills on the lakes but seemed to be a little long for the streams. I then tried a six foot rod, a nice little 5 weight Fenwick, and seemed to spend much of my time in trees. I finally started using a 7.5 foot 6 weight that was small enough to be handy but long enough and strong enough to do a lot of roll casting in the tight streams where backcasts are difficult. I would rather have a rod a little bit too long than a little bit too short. Your experience may differ.

edit: I read the OP again and saw that the question was about leader length and not rod length. I use shorter leaders in tight places than I use in large rivers. A six to seven foot leader will catch a lot of fish and make casting easier.

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