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Originally Posted by kelkay View Post
My local library has very little in the video dept. If they have anything, it was just put in. I just may have to double check that, thanks for the idea.
Kel -

I sympathize with you on the double haul issue. The videos I found online did nothing to help me figure it out. It's a rhythm thing that I needed to have demonstrated in person to learn. I have no rhythm, so it was tough. Then again, I can't dance either.

Recently, I took a ladies casting class at the NJ Fly Fishing show and asked the instructor (Kathy Beck) to teach me during the class. I got the hang of it and practiced a little, but I find little use for it unless I'm casting on a pond and the only pond I can fish regularly has no backcast space! The only thing I can suggest is to see if someone can teach you in person. May a local TU or fishing club - surely there must be other fly fishers you can ask. I would hope most anyone would be happy to help you out in exchange for a case of beer or some flies or something. Good luck, whatever you decide.
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