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Default Re: The End of The Line; Discussions on Furlled & Knotted Leaders. the type of guy who if im catching fish wearing a certain shirt then ill continue wearing that shirt everytime i go fishing till i have a day of not catching fish. I have been furling my own leaders for about 6 months now and really enjoy it. i usually use a shorb loop to connecto to the fly line and a metal ring to the tippet. having not caught many trout lately and driving over an hour to get to the streams (and being out of "lucky" shirts) im looking at switching things up and want some advise........ i was wondering if anyone has nail knotted a furled leader to the fly line to create less bulk than a loop to loop connection. Also why do i need a shorb loop or a metal ring on the tippet side, im young (relatively) and still have good eye sight, cant i just uni knot my tippet right to the tiny loop you get when furling? what i am trying to do is make more of a smooth transition between all the connections. the furling method i have been using for dry flies is a 4 ft med taper furrel with 2lb co-polymer maxima ultragreen then adding 5ft of tippet to the end. should i make the leaders longer or the tippet longer?
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