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Welcome. I'm new here also, but have lurked for a year prior to joining. This forum and the folks here are great- lot's of great info! I had the same reservations about fly fishing at first, thinking it was very difficult and required great skill. Don't get me wrong, when I am on the water and catch a trout I think quite highly of myself ; ) But the truth is, if you just get out there on the pond and cast, you will catch those bluegill and get pumped for the next level- maybe a bass or two. You can review the posts here and ask away, but there are also pretty good YouTube videos out there for casting. The best teacher is a person, so you may want to go to a fly shop and get a lesson or two, or simply explain that you are interested in a new fly rod, and you may get a few tips. What I can tell you for sure is to not rush your cast- the guy who showed me to cast would say a long "Neeeeeeeew" on the back cast, and "Yoooork" on the forward cast, and I still use this when I feel I am starting to rush. He taught me to use my arm as a lever, load up, and then relax it while keeping the rod low right after the cast. Read up a bit here and there and everywhere, but just get out there and don't worry too much about getting it all right at first, just have fun with it.
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