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Default Re: Norfork and the White

Originally Posted by racine View Post
I have to drive 7 hours as well to get to these nice waters if I want trout. What gets me is that it is primarily a nymphing experience with very little dries. I was just there a week ago and ran into some hard fishing for all but a few of us. It was frustrating until I found the right nymphs. My friends were using jigs which I resisted using. I should be back in June barring some bad weather or high generations. I fish with a couple of veterans of these waters who always seem to do well despite everyone else.

Almost every evening in Spring through Fall you can find fish sipping on cream/white flies on both rivers. Each April has one of the biggest caddis hatches I have ever seen. Absolute blast catching fish on crackle backs or skating greased leaders and caddis at rim shoals. Have watched fish jump out of the water and attack the fly on the way down.

Winter provides excellent midge fishing and although small you can catch fish skating small parachute adams or griffith gnats.

The nymph fishing is always a treat, but be sure to take advantage of the incredible dry fly fishing on both rivers. Even the hopper fishing and cicada hatch can be amazing if you know where and when to fish.
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