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Default Re: Leader to Fly Line with Super Glue??

I have learned that the same/similar tool is a SHIMAZAKI "LEADER SPLICER KIT" described as SHIMAZAKI "LEADER SPLICER KIT" is slicker than a Montana snot rock. LOOK: Seamlessly attach a leader to a fly-line via this "SYSTEM" in seconds. A Grooved-Template safely "locks" the fly line in place, and guides the specially designed needle "straight" into the end of the fly line, and then out the top (see diagram). Feed the tip-top end of your leader through the "hole" in the needle and pull it back through the fly line. Rough Up the last 1/3rd inch of the leaders butt-end with a file, put a tiny drop of Super-Glue or Epoxy on the roughed up portion, and pull it into position (inside the fly line) for a no-knot connection. A PERFECT SEAMLESS CONNECTION EVERY TIME. Seven weights and larger should be secured with a nail-knot and glued.

Maybe The Full Creel carries this??
As far as moving this thread, yes informing me would have helped greatly. When I log on, I open the forum page and not the page you referred to. I am a member because reading posts is helping me to learn. This is my first year Fly Fishing and I need a lot of help. I have fished with Curtis and he referred me here. Thanks for the compliment regarding the thread.
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