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Default Re: Leader to Fly Line with Super Glue??

The Full Creel does not presently carry SHIMAZAKI "LEADER SPLICER KIT" although I'm sure its a fine system.

I remain a huge proponent of the braided leader loop. I understand that not all anglers like them. I agree that there are a few disadvantages... but, for me, the pros outweigh the minor cons. I agree that some leader loops can create problems with the line tip sinking. However, the loop-to-loop connection is so convenient that I can live with the sinking issues. Cortland now makes a “Floating Braided Loop” that works very well for me. It never sinks. For sinking lines, Cortland also makes the standard leader loops.

Some folks are concerned about "splash down" created by the extra mass of leader loops. A gentle presentation will reduce this to a point where its really not an issue.

Also, I’ve occasionally used a short section of mono and tied it to the end of the fly line using a nail knott. Then tie a loop at the other end of the mono. There is my loop connection. This will eliminate splash down problems.

I agree that the techniques you described are very good and there may be nothing wrong with that type of connection. Still, I prefer a loop-to-loop connection for convenience. I can tie any knot or splice any line... but I don’t like to take the time to do it when I’m fishing unless I must. I get good leaders pretty cheap so when one becomes too short or damaged I just quickly put on a new one using the loop-to-loop and get right back to fishing. The fishing gods seem to make sure that whenever I need to tie a time consuming knot is when the fish are biting the most. So, I’m OK with braided loops.

One thing that I’ve learned in fly fishing is that they’re usually a couple of different ways to do the same thing. What works well for some does not always work well for others. Everyone has their own techniques that make them feel comfortable. By all means... If it feels good do it.

Originally Posted by JBinUTAH
As far as moving this thread, yes informing me would have helped greatly. When I log on, I open the forum page and not the page you referred to.
Point well taken... I will try to remember to inform members when their post has been moved to the front page. Now... I would encourage everyone to open the home page first. There is usually some very important information there. News, prize winners, announcements, new articles, etc... For example: The winner of a fly rod from a previous monthly drawing logged on to the forum a few times during the claim period. He was going strait to the forums and not the home page where it was posted that he was the winner. The claim period expired before he saw it. That was too bad.

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