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Default Re: What's Wrong?

Don't blame yourself too quickly... I've been on the GP four times since last Wednesday and can report pretty much the same. The water is running as clear as I have ever seen it-- you can count pebbles in 5 feet of water and you can see the fish lined up in the deepest holes but they don't chase anything above or below the surface. My wife and I have thrown a little bit of everything at them.

Skies have been clear and there's been a lot of sun... Yes, there are a few trout taking something in the film but most are skittish. You can see them dart off as you wade the shallower sections.... I've talked to about a dozen other fisherman on the river and at the local fly shop and they report about the same as you.... Add to this that the area from Masemore down becomes tuber/kayaker/canoeist super-highway on weekends and holiday and you have a recipe for disappointing days... best times seem to late evening...

A friend, on facebook, reported getting a few small browns on midges fished in the film. We're heading back today (extra long 4th) and plan to start off with some tiny midges to see what happens....
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