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Default Re: What's Wrong?

I strongly suggest buying a copy of Gary Borger's new book "Fishing The Film." There are just to many possibilities as to why you didn't catch fish. "Rise Forms" is actually less descriptive then most of us realize.

They could be taking off the surface of the film in which case if you watch closely you'll see noses sticking out of the water - in which case they should take a well presented dry fly if it is the right size and color (Often you don't even have to have an exact imitation).

They could be taking bugs stuck in the surface film in which case you may see a slow head and tale rise.

They could taking just below the surface film in which case you will see a bulging rise, but no head or tale.

There are more...thats just a few examples. "Fishing the Film" goes into much more detail, but its written in a way that is easy to understand.

Each of the above require different tactics and different flies, dry flies, emergers, cripples...

Everyone has given you excellent advice, but I still suggest getting that book, because afterword you won't just have a few ideas of what to try, but an understanding of when to use certain flies and why. Taking the time to read the book, which isn't very long will also cause the information to stick, plus you can read it several times. The great thing is applying the information IMO will take your fishing to the next level.
-Tom Wilson
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