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Default is this a good deal?

Next summer i am going to Iceland for 2 weeks of fishing (trout, char, etc.) and photography. i currently have one fly rod, a sage fli 9' 6wt. rod that i love very much. but i need a second rod for my trip as a back up and/or alternative.

the other day at my local fly shop i spotted a sage case with 30% marked on it. i asked the dealer and he showed me a sage 2 handed 4 piece 12' 5 wt. rod (sage 5120-4 model). he said it was originally $700 bucks (it is) and with the discount it would be $490. he said it was a special order rod for a customer who didnt buy it and where i live we dont get much call for 2 handed rods. anyways he said he had also ordered a special line for the rod, a 7 weight line that cost around $70-$75, and that he would include the line with the rod for $490.

now, i know this is a pretty good discount and i am going to give the rod some practice casting later, but i am kind of worried about getting a slightly lighter rod than the one i already have. my original plan was to get a 7-9wt. rod for my second rod for my iceland trip (i am not planning on fishing for salmon). a good buy on a rod doesnt necessarily make it a good deal if its not the rod i need at this point in time. do any of you good fella's know about this particular rod, and is this one that would be a crime for me to pass up on at this price? also, is anyone familiar with iceland, and would this be a good rod for fishing there?

thanks from a self taught beginner who has been doing this all of 11 months!
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