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Default Re: William Joseph ZipperLESS packs Pictures

Still waiting for a chance to see the pics (they can be resized pretty easily by MS picture manager and the likes) ....
The only thing that might happen when a magnet of enough (and quite considerable) field strength is placed over a pacemaker is that it reverts the thing to a fixed rythm of usually some 60-70 Bpm. So nobody will keel over whilst flyfishing even if the magnet is strong enough to invoke that, unless that unique Watermonster gets you running for your life and cardiac output does not match your oxygen need.....

Magnets should corrode as wel as most metals, yet they can probably quite effectively be coated with fe Epoxy or encased in plastic.

One perhaps more practical problem I discovered the hard way by using a PDA case with a magnet clip was the fact that they quite effectively erase magnetic strips, making credit cards and bank cards pretty useless.....
(once stood at the exit of an Airport parking lot with an useless parking ticket for which I just paid some 60€)
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