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Default Re: Fly Fishing Maryland

Originally Posted by Stonebow Inn View Post
Brendan hi: My advice is - go west young man! You are now not too far from Garrett County, where the best trout fly fishing action in the state of Maryland is to be found. 4 major trout fishing rivers - the Casselman, the Savage, the Youghiegeny (Yock) and the north branch of the Potomac are all within a couple of hours drive from you. I am not a fisherman myself, but own and operate a bed and breakfast right on the Casselman River (we have six and a half acres of riverfront on the property, publicly accessible) so I can testify to the great sport here from conversations with the many fisherman who come and stay with us each spring and fall. The Casselman is stocked by the DNR, the Savage has naturally reproducing trout, the Yoch is a mix of both. All the current record size species catches in the state have been landed in Garrett County - what more could you ask (and I didn't even mention Deep Creek Lake which is also very fishable). The Potomac Branch of Trout Unlimited can tell you all you need to know, and we have great guide services here - especially Allegheny Expeditions and Howard Harsch (Spring Creek Outfitter) - check them out on the web. The Wisp Resort at Deep Creek Lake has an authorised Orvis shop on site. Come up I68 and do some fishing- we will be stocking early next month!
I am a new member to this forum, as I recently got back into fly fishing after a few years(this time with heavier gear and targeting freshwater largemouth and smallmouth). I can attest to Stonebow's post. Garrett County is a great fishing environment. I went to school at Frostburg State and have been fishing all of the bodies of water he mentioned for about 12 years now. In fact, my buddies from college and I go back and fish the casselman and savage river every year around March/April. Best of luck to all. I'm always looking for new spots for my kayak and smallmouth flyfishing to any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
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