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Default Re: New to fly fishing. Help please!

Originally Posted by peregrines View Post
Smallmouth are a blast on a fly rod.

Any of your trout streamers should work, including buggers, muddler minnows generally size 8 and 6. And any large trout dry flies like Grasshopper patterns in the summer, Stimulators (that you can skitter around on the surface) size 12 and up. And, you won't need them for awhile, but a lot of PA streams get a HUGE White Fly Hatch in August, usually in the evening into dark-- fishing large White Wulffs size 10 or 12 can be a blast. These mayfly hatches can be a blizzard and even show up on weather radar and have cancelled night baseball games. Smallmouths can go nuts when this happens, (but keep your mouth closed or you'll be eating bugs.) Next time you pop in to your local fly shop ask about the white fly hatch, I bet they can give you some good info on where and when to expect it near you.

Some good flies that are also great on SMB to try are Clouser Minnows in Charteuse weighted with bead chain, brass or lead eyes-- bead chain easiest to cast but won't sink as fast as brass, or lead. (Lead hardest to cast but fastest sinking.) They can be a bit tricky to cast at first, and heavily weighted flies can shatter graphite if they whack it on the cast, so I'd start out with beadchain ones first. And SMB LOVE crayfish, so something that looks like one- it can be a brown over orange Clouser, brown and orange woolly bugger, or something more realistic with claws is a good to throw.

Gurglers (a foam backed fly you can fish like a popper with twitches on the surface) are also good at times and can be a little easier to cast than deer hair bass bugs (they're less wind resistant) if you have a "trout weight" rod.

Smallmouth have a lot of heart and are very aggressive-- not as picky as trout can be, so you don't have to worry about small flies and matching the hatch-- and they fight like the dickens, usually jumping all over the place. You should have a blast.

Thanks Peregrines. I know this is a late post to this thread, but I just joined this morning and am loving this site so far. The info on the smallmouth bass flies are very helpful and relative to me in MD as well. Very similar environments and you are correct on SMB fly-fishing- it is a blast!
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