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Default Re: MAD river in ohio?????

it is very quite possible i mistakenly called them "native" and the may really be "wild". i know ohio is not known for its trout streams BUT there are some if you know where to look.

my favorite is the clear fork of the mohican down past wooster ohio. i go there often and have pulled some very nice browns out.

my friend is the one who told me about the mad river and i cant remember if he said native or wild.

i just wanted to gain some knowledge if anyone had fished it before going out there blind.

i will use this advice and will have to post what i find when i do go down there. i am always open to new waters in my state.

as a fly fisherwoman ohio isnt the best state to find trout BUT.... the waters we do have here can produce some amazing fishing if you know where to go.

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