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Re: Landing a Fish 101

Hey DO...

Fishing a 5X tippet is tricky. If you're using a fast action rod, the tip of the rod is the only section of play you have. And even that's questionable. I use very fast rods because they fit my casting style. When I go down to light tippet for shy fish, skinny water or tiny flies, I make sure my drag is loosely set. I palm the reel very little and let the combo of rod, reel and line be the dragging mechanism together. If a decent fish wants to run, let 'em! Putting too much pressure on a green fish usually results in a lost fish. You'll know by how he's fighting that fatigue is setting in and THEN... you can apply a bit more pressure on him.
As the prior Gent suggested, stepping up to a 4X tippet can make a huge difference. You can bully a fish more then you realize with 4X. Keep your rod sideways and slightly up when you fight them. When he runs, you relax... he relaxes, you whip 'em!!
Good luck!!!
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