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Default Newb with casting and line problems

I've only been fly fishing a couple of weeks now and it has been both fun and very frustrating.
My brother has a DVD of a woman(can't remember her name now, But I'm sure many know who she is) teaching fly casting. I've seen and read many articles, but this was by far the most informative. What got my attention was all the records she set from the 1930s on even beating men.
I try to do the, lift, snap, stop on the back cast then, forward, snap,follow through on the forward cast.
I'm using a TCO Lefty Kreh signature edition 9ft 7wt fly rod 2pc. With scientific anglers L-7-F line. I know the level line doesn't get as much distance, but, I'm doin' good to get 30' or so. If I wade out into the stream any more, it's too deep to cast well.
Also, after only a few minutes of fishing, the line starts sinking. This make it very difficult to pull a bass fly off the water. I clean and dress my line after fishing, and come prepared to dress it while I'm fishing, but every few minutes? I go out to fish not play with my gear!! I could see 3-4 times a day not 3-4 times an hour. Is the line bad? Am I doing something wrong ? Or is this what I should expect?
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