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Default Re: Newb with casting and line problems

Silver Creek, I see no circles, but there are some small bumps, just a few. Otherwise the line is bright and shiny and I bought it when I got the rod, no telling how long it sat on a shelf. I did practice in the yard, could the grass(weeds) have caused the bumps?
You're both right, it is Joan Wulff, what an inspiration! I saw a you tube vid with her I think I'll check it out.
I do get much more distance on the lawn.The water's too deep for a basket, it would be under. Some places the water is chest deep. This causes problems with the back cast.
I haven't watched my line on the back cast, but I'm not cracking the whip, that has happened and I knew what to do. I don't get wind knots but the tippet sure gets twisted. It's hard to use good form when the waters up past my elbows. Since it's not doing me any good anyway.
Seems like new fly line is in order, which ones should I consider? Which ones should I avoid? There are no stores around here I'll have to order it.
Thank You both,
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