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Default Re: MAD river in ohio?????

Hi Amanda,
I am FAR from an expert on the Mad, but it is probably the best trout stream in Ohio, and in my opinion, a much better stream than the Clear Fork. If you are going there, concentrate on the section between Urbana and West Liberty. To give you an idea, it is anywhere from 20 feet to 40 feet in width and is very wadeable throughout. The name of the game on the Mad is stealth. And when I say stealth, I mean STEALTH! You have to wade VERY lightly. The less time you spend walking in the water and concentrate on roll casting from the banks, then the better off you'll be. Casting is VERY tight roll casing is your friend There are quite a few very big browns in that river, in the 20" to 24" and bigger range. Now, like any big trout, they are in tough to cast places and they didn't get that big from being stupid and letting every angler catch them. Hatches are pretty good there and the best place to check for whats going on is yhe fishing reports that Mad River Outfitters puts out on their website. There is a very good population of hold over trout in there. They stock it also though. It's a beautiful stream. It's very shaded and the water is very cool(spring fed) and gin clear, hence the need for stealth. A guy in Mad River Outfitters once told me to grab a few PB&Js, a thermos of coffee and just sit on one of the banks and just quietly watch and I wouldn't believe the amount and size of trout in that river. That being said, I've been skunked or been a chub slayer more times than I've caught fish. The biggest fish I've taken from there was a 17" brown, but the guys who guide out of MRO are pulling 20+" fish out of there every week. A couple of access points that are good starts to check out are the Pimtown Rd access, Lippincott Rd access and the area where 296 and 29 intersect near Urbana. That will get you started. And if you're looking for a good place for lunch, try the Liberty Gathering Place in West Liberty and order their famous pork tenderloin sandwich. For dessert try the ice cream parlor across the street. Amazing ice cream! Hope that helps get you started.

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