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Default Re: Newb with casting and line problems

Silver Creek,
Thanks, the leader I'm using now is Berkley specialist 2x with an .018 butt. Then use a blood knot to tie 4lb. mono for a tippet(about 2ft) All together it's the length of the rod. The tip of the fly line sinks first. Could it be absorbing water through it?
When I first dress my line, I don't have to muscle it out of the water and I don't hit the water behind me. When the line is sinking, it takes a lot to haul it out and I often have to dodge a large popper.
I fished hard all day yesterday and kept my line dressed so it floated and didn't wade up to my armpits and try to cast. I did catch a bunch of orange sunfish, so I got practice and fun all at once. I'll get that end sealed up and let you know what happens.
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