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Default Re: Headed to Durango in August

fishing durango area right now

i think you may be able to fish animas right in town..water levels good but dropping

in as re: mountain streams.....lots availble but small fish. most running well.

get "kip karey's colorado fishing guide"...describes every fishable stream, creek and lakes in san jauns. in detail. invaluable.

durango pub library has copy entire 'southwestern colorado' and u will have the definitive guide

i fished lake lemon and lake vallecito...both productive

also consider east and west forks san jaun river above pagosa springs.
water levels on main san jaun in town probably too low by august.

san jauns got averge snowpack, so other than late start they are in usual condition. on the other hand other mountains have way above average snowpack and late run-off so in terms of water they will be perfect for august.

gunnison river got late run-off so may be in great shape.

see duranglers website for the majors
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