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Default Old Favorite Worked Again

For years my fly tying was limited to one fly that worked as a multipurpose. I've caught L/M Bass, S/M Bass and Bluegill on it for years. It can be used dry or wet, works both ways. Short to medium white deer hair tail, small yellow egg case on end followed by white chinnelle and light collored hackle on a size 10 or 12 hook. This past summer I decided to expand my fly tying and have been trying to learn the ins and outs of new patterns.

Weather was beautiful this morning and the local pond was calling my name. Decided to try out a number of new ties with larger hooks to avoid the infestation of small Bluegill. Some patterns I was pleased with others not so. Fish however were not impressed with the presentations. Saw what I think was a large carp chasing bait fish to the shore but couldn't interest it in anything presented. Was well on my way to getting skunked. Started working my way back to the PU and at the end of the pound changed to one of the old favorites.

Second cast I caught a 10" L/M Bass. Added two more that were smaller. Then, just before calling it a day caught a decent size Bluegill. Nearly lost the fly to a tree and called it a day well spent.
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