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Default Re: It's Summertime and the fish ar jumping, but

I'm new to fly fishing and wouldn't know the name of any fly to use, but, I see the same thing often. The others are right, you probably have hatches going on now. These bass may be eating the bugs, but, they could also be eating the minnows, shad or small pan fish. The bass wait lower in the water column then rise fast to grab or injure prey above.
When spin fishing, I would tie on a small rattle trap, a Rapala count down minnow or a 4" tube jig on a1/16oz head to keep it high in the water. As for flies, I don't know what's what but I bet some one here knows what to use to mimic these. Try a minnow imitation that can be kept about a foot or so below the surface, if there is one.
Best of luck
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