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Default Re: new to fly fishing

For rod and reels it all depends on what you can spend. Obviously you get what you pay for but like you im also 15 and money can be a pain to get. Probably a less expencive rod that is still nice are T.F.O. ( temple fork outfitter) they can run from anywhere between 120-350. they also have a no questions ask warrenty with is great. Also Buelah rods are inexpencive. I started out with a rod and reel kit from sportmans for like 80 dollars and wish i put more research before i bought. as far as reels i know that orvis battenkeels II or III are nice as well as the Pflueger Trion and the nwe Lambson Konic.
then you have line. which is big and itself is another 60 dollars but i got away with some 30 dollar line. dont go to big at first cuase its not a cheap sport. i learned that the hard way.

hope you stay with it all man. good luck.
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