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Default Re: new to fly fishing

Hey welcome to the forum, I was in your shoes last year. I was 13 with little money and a big desire to fly fish. If I were you id look at wal-mart for a "crystal river ready to fish finalist rod" its a great starter set with everything you need. Better yet id look at the scientific anglers fly rod outfit which should be there too. It comes with everything you need plus an instructional dvd on how to fly fish. The set costs 80-100 for the whole thing plus a few flies would be around 10 dollars. Id look around for someone in your neighborhood as well who ties flys as you can usually get them cheaper then store bought ones. If these rods arent there heres a guideline to go by. Look into around a 5-6 weight rod with floating fly line. Go with a simple 1 spool reel. For leader material look at something in the 5-6 pound range. I use maxima ultra green stuff but other people use whatever they can find. Some knots you need to learn to tie are the following - Castwell knot (fly line to leader) - Arbor knot (backing to flyreel) - Surgeons loop (requird for castwell knot and loop2loop connections) - Clinch knot (Too attatch leader to fly). You can either use the nail knot or albright knot to attatch your backing to fly line but these require alot of practice as they are quite difficult. Some flies to look at for smallmouth bass and bluegills are - Poppers (cast out let set and twitch your rod to make it splash a little then puase and repeat) - Renegade fly (I catch alot of smallies on this, cast out and let sink just below surface and do either a fast or slow strip in depending on what they are taking). Green machine (Turns into a wet fly fast, I find it works well with a medium retrive) - Clouser minnow (This is a streamer which I don't have alot of experince with but it catches alot of bass, my guess is to cast and strip in at medium pace) - Wooly Bugger (Another great bass fly, cast out and as soon as it hits the water strip in. Also try and twitch your rod to give it some life)
Im not sure if your new to fishing in general, but if you are when you feel or see the fish take your fly grab the fly line hold it tight and pull while lifting up your rod sharply to set the hook. If the fish is less then about 2 pounds big just strip him in. If hes bigger play him off the reel.

On another note practicing on the front lawn helped me alot when I was starting out, hope you get to as good a start as i did. Good luck and tight lines.
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