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Default Re: Why Don’t More People Fly Fish? - by Pat Damico

you are correct in your evaluation of my price list. you don't need to have the best stuff, but like anything else, the more you get into it, the better quality stuff you need (read as "want"). Getting a cheaper rod and a less expensive reel is ok to get itnto the sport, but remember that one tends to keep upgrading as one goes. So instead of buying the top end Sage to start, beginners will do exactly what I did. Buy the Walmart rod, then the Cabelas, then the mid level St. Croix, then the T&T. So we spend $500 BEFORE we spend $600 to buy the rod(s) we use.
My true point was this, Flyfishing is misunderstood as an "elietist" sport, when it really is only a specialty sport. It's not really elietist at all! Although it attracts them, but then so does bass fishing. The problem (for lack of a better word) of getting more folks to try this type of fishing is really people only have enough time to do a few things in life. I would love to be an expert fly caster, wing shot, able to hit targets at a 1000 yards own a bassboat, consitantly hit the bullseye ay 60 yards with my bow, and play with my daughter. But in truth I can only do a few of these things and really only do one well. I fish better than I hunt, and I love catching fish on a flyrod more than anyother way. I spend my recreational dollars on fly fishing. Because I do, (and I am in the Army) I will never own the 20' Stratos Bass boat and have to get within 30 yards of an elk before I let an arrow go. Some folks are gifted and fortunate enough to be able to do ANYTHING they want, but most of us are not. Where does the average joe/jane go fishing?
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