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Default Re: dry fly presentation?

Originally Posted by mac. View Post
so today i went out and nymphed for about 2 hours. nothin... i saw about 10-15 drakes flying around so i thought id throw one on and try, well i tried a dry dropper rig or whatever its called when you put a nymph under a dry. i didnt get nothin in about an hour, i walked down the stream constantly casting trying all water. i did notice that sometimes my fly would be on its side or upside down. does this matter? if so how do i fix this? i know i suck at dry casting but i dont feel like thats the problem.
Fish are finnecky... Sometimes it will matter, and sometimes it won't, atleast that's my experience. If the fly has hackle on it, you can snip the hackle off the bottom of the fly so it stabalizes, kind of like an outrigger canoe.

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