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Default New to Tying

Im fishing small Tennessee streams where I have in past caught nice Smallmouth bass using spinning gear. Now I'm in the streams with my fly rod and not doing too bad. Ive begun tying closure minnows which have been pretty simple.
Ive been trying to wrap hackle but the feathers im using Im sure arent meant for that purpose (turkey ive shot during the season).
When I go to BPS for materials instead of asking (imagine) I look at the wall of all the stuff and leave empty handed. I saw this cape for $30.00 and something that looked similar for about $6.00.
Well the turkey is too stiff and doesn't fan very well and when I watch videos of a fly being ties it appears like when the hackle is being wrapped it "complies" and gets about the shank in good form.
What should I ask for at the store?
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