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Default Re: Tenkara. Anyone try it?

If you're going to try it, you owe it to yourself to try the real thing rather than a Breambuster, etc. The main advantage of tenkara is that line used is so light you can keep it all off the water so you get fantastic drag-free drifts. To cast a line that light ( essentially just a 15-18' leader) you need a rod designed for it. All the various crappie rods may look similar to a tenkara rod, but they were designed to cast a bobber, a couple split shot and a worm. They don't have the right action. They might cast a 3wt line just fine, but a 3 wt line is going to drop to the water's surface at the end of your cast, just like it does with your 3wt fly rod. (So really, if you're going to use a regular fly line, you might just as well stick with a regular fly rod.)

I've got a half dozen different crappie rods. I've got a cane pole. They're not the same as my tenkara rods.

If you try to save $60 with a cheap substutute, you might very reasonably wonder what all the fuss is about tenkara and after a couple times out never use it again. You wouldn't have saved $60, you would have wasted $60 and still not know what tenkara is all about.

I'm sure the guys who suggest a Bream Buster or cane pole mean well and just want to save you some dough, but I'm also sure they've never fished with a tenkara rod.

You can spin fish with a fly rod and fly fish with a spinning rod. Does it work? Kind of but not very well. If you want to try tenkara, get a tenkara rod.
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