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Default problem i ran into today

i was on the river today with my new fly rod. ive only really flyfished a few times off a walmart set up, so im pretty new. anyway, i feel like my basic cast is pretty good, and i can mend line pretty well, but a situation came up today that messed with me.

i was fishin a decently fast part of the river. it only took about 10 feet from the shore for the water to get deep and possible hold trout, so i avoided going very far from the shore. i would cast upstream, and let my line float back down. problem is... it was impossible for me to get my line back upsteam without strippin in a bunch of line and slowly false casting back upstream. if that doesnt make sense... my drift would end downstream and i just simply couldnt get the fly upstream in one cast because i guess i was breakin the plane that my rod tip was on (not good right?)

my question is should i be using a different cast in this situation?... i only know of the standard overhead cast and the roll cast, which im not comfortable with right now.

also, any resources on situations that call for different casts? ive exhausted the youtube videos lol
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