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Default Re: Things about Flyfishing I'll Never Understand

Originally Posted by ncflyboy View Post
Q) Why do some flyfishers hold the flyrod in their mouth while posing with their catch?

A) Looks cool and they probably don't care about their grip. I never do it though cause I got a germ thing with putting a dirty rod in my mouth.

Q) Why do some people refuse to remove a fish from the water? Why do some people struggle to unhook a fish swimming around in a net? They refuse to grab the fish to remove the hook.

A) Cause it is easier on the fish. Dry handing a fish out of water can kill it because it causes disease to grow on the fish's scales.

Q) Why do people allow a trout to lay on top of their hands, never consider the possibility that the fish may flop and hit the rocks below?

A) They're worried about squeezing the fish or getting a hand in the gill (again, deadly).

Hope this helps with a few of those questions. Most of them are just people being worried about hurting the fish. The #1 thing is to never touch the gills or dry hand a fish. Obviously squeezing it is bad too (they have small bones) but it's just one of those things where we're all best off if we do as little unintentional killing as possible.

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