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Default Re: Things about Flyfishing I'll Never Understand

I guess my answer would be two part.

First, it is best to handle the fish as little as possible because your hand, even when wet but especially dry, removes the fish's protective slime. So if you're able to not handle a fish and remove the hook, especially on trout, which can be considered a "fragile" species, all the better.

Second, as far as the egg trouncing and hooking/fighting question yet still handle the fish gently, I'm not for deforestation. I do have wood in my house, have a wood table, a wooden dresser etc. But just because I partook in that, doesn't mean I'm going to amplify the problem by going out and cutting down a redwood. If that makes any sense.....

I'm not a member of PETA, but the sport we have taken up is probably not the best thing for the natural environment. But I love the sport, so I will not quit doing it. I will also try to make my footprint as small as possible while doing it. If that means that I don't fish in sweltering heat so I don't stress fish, I make sure that I keep all my clippings of mono, or I try not to handle a fish if I don't have to, that is what I will try my best to do.
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