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Default Re: Things about Flyfishing I'll Never Understand

Originally Posted by ncflyboy View Post
How can a fish be considered "fragile" that encounters predators, lives naturally in many places, and exists wonderfully in their natural environment?

I've caught rainbow trout in the same waters that barges travel. I've caught rainbow trout in the same waters that muskies, catfish, and carp share. I've caught the same trout while targeting smallmouth bass (in the same water) in the middle of the summer...and they seemed fine.

Man's greatest impact to trout would be pollution. Trout have done a fantastic job before people started changing their environment.

If trout are considered "fragile", then why do we bother with them? There are plenty of other fish to pursue.


While they may inhabit the waters with other natural predators or large ships, it doesn't mean they are not a fragile animal. Just because a hummingbird shares the same sky as a golden eagle, doesnt mean that its not a fragile animal. I've never handled a hummingbird, but i assume their wings are delicate and could be injured easily, in effect killing them if handled improperly A jellyfish is in the same waters as a bull shark and barracuda, but can easily collapse on itself and die The fact of the matter is that trout, after being played, can be very susceptible to dying after we release them, even if we do our best to make sure they swim away. Bass, bluegill etc are a much more hardy fish. They can be brought in, literally tossed back in the water and swim right off. If you played a trout to the net, could tell it was tired, took your picture etc. And literally threw the fish in the water, chances are good that fish may not make it. Someone once told me, knowing trout cant breathe out of the water, when we hold up the fish for our pic to put on the office wall, try to hold your breathe as long as you have the fish out of the water, because thats what it is doing. Not to mention it is doing it after jogging two miles. Why stress the fish more by taking it out of the water? So knowing that, I want to do everything in my power to protect the animal so that it didn't lose it's life for my hobbie. I know ive already caused it harm, because im not going to give up something i love to do, so ill try to mnimize the harm i do to it. Just a personal decision.

As far as why trout and not other species, I'm an equal opportunity angler. I like to fish for anything with fins. The reason I don't stop targeting trout due to their fragility is it takes me to some beautiful places that I enjoy fishing. And I like the look of trout. I think wild trout are beautiful fish. I guess that's why.
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