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Default Re: MAD river in ohio?????

The Mad happens to be the trout stream closest to my current residence. Having grown up (and spoiled) in Michigan's streams, it is really hard for me to go to the Mad - but I will if I want to go trout fishing and cannot make a trip home to MI. If I do not have a planned trip to MI, I usually spend more time fishing on the smallmouth streams in the area than going to the Mad. The Mad was channelized decades ago (beginning of the 1900's?) I am probably wrong about the date - regardless, it is a straight (and I mean straight) river w/ banks that slope down into the water.

The fish are hatchery fish. They do not have the vibrant colors or feistiness of wild fish, but they will put up a decent fight (and I do bring them in fast rather than fight them to exhaustion). The large fish are a mix of hatchery breeding stock that were released into the river b/c they outlived their usefulness for the hatchery and holdovers that managed to survive the put-and-take fishery.

Bottom line is that the Mad is an ok place to go if you want to find trout or just want to spend a day on the river (and you don't mind fighting the aluminum hatch if you are going in the summer). If MI or PA are just a bit further in distance; however, the extra distance would be worth the difference in scenery and wild trout - just my $0.02 worth.
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