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Default Re: problem i ran into today

Originally Posted by fly baller View Post
im nymphing... if i roll cast, can i switch directions with the fly and still make a good cast?

Hey Fly Baller, believe me if you are having problems dont roll cast!! Have your arm straight, rod pointed at the fly, and do a 180 degree arc so the fly lands directly upstream. Another solution is if you need to cast to a particuliar point, say A is where the fly is, x is where you are, y is where you want to get your fly, then get a turbo d-loop, then z is where you roll cast to


When you fly is at point A, lift your tip up, swing your rod over so the fly lands at point y, then swing back and around to energized roll cast position and cast over point y. your D loop will have a inverted v shape.

Not sure if X,y, z,A came out right, they do on my post, A is downstream. z is upstream where you want to cast to, y is in between where you are and where you want to cast to, at about the tip of your rod.

Still the easiest way to get your fly from way downstream to way up stream is () motion, only 180 degrees.
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