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Default Re: Cataloging your fly-tying names - by Randal Sumner

A couple months ago I hired Hogan Brown as a guide on the Lower Sac you know the guy that has all the flies named after him like Hogan's S&M, Hogan's Red Headed Step Child and a bunch of others that are famous around the world. According to him as actually I asked him about it "you cannot copywrite a fly pattern." However, as in the Case of Kaufmans you can for instance trade mark make a trade mark that has your name in it and know one can copy it. This came up, because I was speaking about a well known fly in NorCal tied by another well known NorCal guide. You can file a trade mark that includes your surnames in it, but that does not preclude someone else from using there same last name as yours in the name of a fly. If I name a fly Wilson's Fat Guy Fly, but if your surname is also Wilson that does not legally stop you from naming a fly Wilson's Skinny Guy Fly. According to Hogan Brown, Idlewild which is the company he commercially ties for and which distributes the flies with his name just does that to give him credit as the originator of certain flies. However, any other company can tie a S&M fly using the same materials and pattern.

As for this article, I don't really want give an opinion more than to say I don't agree with it. I think its fun to share my original patterns, though I only have 2 so far. Call me vein or whatever, but I include my first name in the names I've given those flies. I personally hope others use my flies and are as or more successful with them than I. However, IMO I'm not exactly a talented tier so I doubt anyone besides those I share them with will ever know them.
-Tom Wilson
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