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Default Re: Best way to more distance ?

Originally Posted by Diver Dan View Post
I have been talking a lot lately with my Canadian friend who can cast insane far distances, and have learned a bunch. I watched him aerialize an entire Trevor Morgan 95' line and keep it controlled. He explained it's cool when you can do that but it does not translate into more distance. There is a point where more line in the air means less line you can shoot. He told me the best way for me to get much further distances with the casting stroke I have was to get the head in the air with some 'overhang', which is some bit of running line past the head. With your stroke, rod and line that may be 5' or it may be 15' and you will have to find the spot that works best. The most important part is high line speed. It gets you farther before gravity puts the line on the ground. As much as it looks like a really good caster looks like he defies gravity, you can't. So more speed = more distance. With me, he got me to lengthen my hauling stroke. He's still working on getting me to look at my back cast, I'm having a hard time with that one. Then I get the overhang, do one serious haul forward cast not letting line out, do one back, again hauling hard, and while I have not done this yet he said you can let a little line slip and it will actually help you get more distance. I don't and just haul hard not letting line out and then one final forward cast and haul hard. Max distance between my hands. Hard stop at the end and stab (like you do when bombing a cast with a spinning rod) the rod at the point you are going for. I have just started trying to hit those way far distances and can cast nowhere near as far as my friend does, so he could help you more than I can. But with just what he showed me there I took my 10 wt. Winston with a 95' line and cast a good 10' of backing out of my rod yesterday afternoon. With a clouser on it. It's the first time I have ever had a rod in my hand where the backing knot left the rod and it was not a fish doing it. I took a photo and may frame the sucker. I hope nobody was watching when I did my happy feet dance.
Ha Ha... welcome to the world of distance obsession!!! The more you get....the more you wanna get....
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