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TnTom, it all is in what feathers you are keeping from the turkeys. You do have to keep an eye on how thick the main shaft of the feathers are that you are keeping. A shaft from the wing, tail and some flank feathers are too stuff or too thick to work very well. On the other hand, some smaller feathers from the back, upper neck, and head I have found to be too thin and dont work. I often keep some of the flank, chest, and a select few from the back. These often times are much easier to use. Other problems is not enough color or too much of that poofy stuff found on some feathers near the base. Often when you find feathers in the store they are flank, chest, wing, and tail. Each can be used for something differant. I find the chest of pheasants and grouse to be the best for spinning on small hooks for dry flies and some streamers. To give you a better idea on what feathers to keep from the keys you shoot, head to any fly store or even go onto cabelas and look over what feathers they have, this should give you a good idea on what to look for. Remember match the feather to what it will be used for.
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