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Default Re: Line weight/rod weight question

Originally Posted by flyflingerandy View Post
The reason the 6wt worked better than the 5wt, would have to be because all fly rods (except Orvis and Winston WT 2-5wt) are rated for DT lines, not WF. To get the same flex and feel, if it is a 5wt rod, that is a DT5F or WF6F, hence why some rods are labeled 5/6, 4/5, etc. Also, the casting feel is a completely subjective thing. Entirely up to the caster.
I dont suppose you can find a cite for this? Because i am fairly certain that
rods used to be labeled 5/6, 5 wf 6 double tapper. The front of the weight forward weighs less, so the wf weighs. Now since almost everyone uses a a WF rod makers have taken off the second double taper designation.

Their are many reasons why the 6 weight line could work better than the 5 wt. First of all, The faster the rod, the heavier the line the more it will slow the rod down. So if you like a 5 weight that has a action of X, and you get a rod that is a whole weight in action faster, putting a whole weight line faster on it will make it cast better for you. Like if you like a slow action rod and someone gives you a 5 weight xp, putting on a 6 weight line will make it cast better for you.

Lets say you have a standard action rod, you may like the heavier line better because it has a more pronounced load in the road, and helps you know when to stop on your backcast.
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